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Mayday Golf

Mayday Golf

Mayday Golf
715 Highway 17 North
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Mayday Golf is a family-friendly mini golf filled with island adventure.

Imagine this: You and a group of friends have chartered a plane for a glorious golfing vacation in the tropics. Halfway through the flight, engine trouble! You’re going to crash! “Mayday! Mayday! We’re going in!” Captain Sparks radios. With every bit of strength and skill he has, Captain Sparks lands his chartered plane on an island, coming to rest at the top of a rocky mountain. A mini-golf attraction based on the premise of imminent disaster.

Their miniature golf courses are challenging, yet fun at the same time. They assure that your family hasn’t enjoyed an adventure golf course quite like Mayday Golf along the Grand Strand.

Mayday Golf also offers birthday party packages which include golf and an Icee for each player. “Happy Mayday Birthday” trophies or t-shirts can be added for an additional cost. Don’t forget to stop by the Mayday Golf Snack Shack for frosty ice cream treats, frozen tropical drinks, and icy bottled water. This miniature golf course is stroller-friendly and offers competitive prices.