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Waccatee Zoological Farm

Waccatee Zoological Farm

Known for years as the Futrell Family Farm in the Socastee section of Myrtle Beach, Waccatee Zoological Farm was born almost out of necessity.

The Futrell family’s love of animals and decision to start collecting an ever-growing list of rare species started drawing curious onlookers stopping on the side of the road to see if their eyes were deceiving them.

Kids and animal lovers will love viewing the myriad unusual animals here, including Bengal tigers. Waccatee covers 50 acres that include pasture and woodlands for the zebras, buffalo and deer. In the zoo itself you can see the traditional lions, tigers, bears and monkeys—more than 100 species of animals.

In the zoo the walk is about a mile long and makes for a casual, relaxed, educational afternoon.

8500 Enterprise Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588